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Akumal was discovered by a scuba diving club and in the 60’s, before the Cancun project was started, the only way to get there was via boat. Its main attraction is that it still a micro-destination that has not been touched, so it keeps its natural beauty.
With its many cenotes, Akumal is one of the preferred places to scuba dive. Its beaches are also a turtle sanctuary so you can easily swim and snorkel with giant beautiful turtles.
Due to its chill atmosphere, many retired Americans and Canadians, have chosen this destination as their new home.

If you’re going to Akumal, you’re probably a diver or a traveler wanting to get in touch with nature. Either way, make sure to pack biodegradable repellent and sunscreen, as you will most likely snorkel with turtles, swim in coral reefs, and get in contact with colorful fishes.
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