Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

A) It is customer’s responsibility to verify that the information entered when booking is accurate. We are not liable for expenses caused by customer’s mistakes when providing the information for their booking. Any change made to a reservation must be accompanied by a written confirmation from the Customer Service Department and/or an updated voucher.

B) Representatives at Airport have the right to refuse the service to customers if the information they have differ from what customers say (including but not limited to a different date, different number of passengers, different destination, etc) and if there is not an updated voucher or a written confirmation by the Customer Service Department.

C) If an extra payment is needed as a result of the changes made, these might not be confirmed until payment is made. Shall there be a difference that needs to be refunded, refunds will be processed in the next 24 hours, after the change was made.

D) For departure transfers:
– The pick-up time assigned guarantees that the customers will arrive on time to the Airport for the scheduled flight. In Private and VIP Services, the customers might request an earlier or later time than the one assigned; if this is the case, the customers are responsible for the new pick-up time and accept that if there is any problem, the eligibility for a refund/cover of extra expenses by T-Rex Travel is lost. Any requested change of pick up time made by our customers, should be backed up by an updated voucher or a written confirmation from our Customer Service Department to be considered as confirmed.
– It is customer’s responsibility to be at the assigned pick-up place, at the assigned pick-up time. There is a 15 minutes waiting tolerance for both parties, meaning that driver will give a 15 minutes tolerance for customers to appear for their pick-up in case they are not there, and customers should give a 15 minutes window from the assigned pick-up time, in case there were unexpected delays for the driver to show up.
– If the customers don’t show at the assigned pick-up place, at the assigned pick-up time or during this 15 minutes window, the reservation will be marked as NO SHOW and the right for refund will be lost. Customers will be notified via email and/or phone if driver arrives to the pick-up spot and is unable to find them.
The same way, if driver doesn’t get to the pick-up spot at the assigned pick-up time or during the 15 minutes window, the customers will automatically qualify for a refund if they decide to claim it. Transportation might still be provided if they decide to wait for driver to show up. Customers will be informed of the driver’s delay and the estimated arrival time in order to make this decision.
-If there is a delay on driver’s side, past the 15 minutes window, and customers decide to take another mean of transportation, T-Rex Travel is responsible for refunding the amount paid for the original booking OR cover the expenses caused by the alternate mean of transportation chosen upon proof of receipt. Customer must decide between these two, and is not allowed to claim T-Rex Travel the payment for both. Customer is also responsible for keeping the receipt from the alternate transportation payment in order to claim the cover of that expense; if no receipt is available and/or shown, the refund will automatically go for the original amount paid when booking through our website.

E) For arrival transfers:
– Due to security measures, most Airports do not allow us or any other transportation company to have vehicles parked inside the Airport, however, when customers pre-book a service, the car is locked and assigned to their service, which means it will be ready for them and parked just outside the Airport, minutes away.
– If the customers miss their flight, it is their responsibility to notify T-Rex Travel in a timely manner in order to re-schedule the service at no extra cost. If the customers don’t inform T-Rex Travel, our representative has no way to know and will still wait for the customers to arrive and keep the vehicle locked for the original time booked, which causes expenses to the company. If this happens, customers will lose their right to refund and will need to make a new reservation along with a new payment.
– After the plane lands, we give customers a 2 hours tolerance to meet the representative at Airport; this is more than enough time to clear customs and pick up luggage. If there was any delay as missing luggage, a longer than expected line in customs, etc. customers are responsible for notifying T-Rex Travel so we can be aware and wait for them at no extra cost. If we receive no notification from customers, the reservation will be marked as No Show after 2 hours. Customers will receive attempts of contact via phone and/or email before marking the reservation as No Show.

F) Last minute reservations are bookings made less than 24 hours (according to the destination local time) before the requested scheduled service. We will do our best to accommodate this services but in busy days/seasons we cannot guarantee them as we have to give preference to bookings made with enough time in advance. In case T-Rex Travel is not able to provide the service, customers will be notified via email and/or phone and will receive a full refund of the amount paid.
Please consider that for last minute reservations there is a possibility that we provide the service but that the waiting time at Airport is longer than usual. If this is the case, we will inform customers of the situation and the estimated arrival time so they can decide how they’d like to proceed.

G) The rates shown in our website are only valid at the moment of booking, for the selected date, number of passengers and destination. T-Rex Travel is not responsible for rate changes nor to honor previous prices if customers didn’t finish their reservation process.
– A booking is considered confirmed, once the payment has been made and the confirmation voucher has been received via email.

H) Additional stops during the services booked are available upon previous request and might cause an additional charge. If customers don’t notify T-Rex Travel of a desired stop prior to the service, the driver might refuse to provide it when requested since there is a list of transfers scheduled per day that they have to stick to, and the added time for this stop might affect these times.

I) The amount of luggage pieces accepted vary per vehicle and is indicated at the moment of booking. If customers wish to add more luggage to the booking, they should contact the Customer Service Department to make the request, and to be informed if there is an extra charge.

J) Passengers are responsible for their luggage and personal objects they travel with. T-Rex Travel is not responsible in case of damage, loss or theft of any item. In case customers forget something in the vehicle they were transported, they should notify to the Customer Service Department immediately so the driver can be aware and check the vehicle in an attempt to find the lost item. In case the item is found, customers will be responsible for covering any expenses caused by the shipping or delivery of it.

K) Customers traveling with children must count them as a regular passenger. For safety reasons, children are not allowed to travel in the lap of an adult, so they must seat properly and wear a seat belt, and/or travel in a special seat. T-Rex Travel provides car seats at no extra cost, when requested by the customer at the time of booking.

L) Cancelled bookings are fully refundable as long as the cancellation is made at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled transfer service (destination local time).

M) Credit card refunds are normally reflected on customer’s account within three (3) to five (5) business days. Refunds via Paypal are reflected within one (1) hour. Refunds on our end are submitted to the financial institution/payment platform within 24 hours; check with your financial institution for more information.

Privacy Policy

At T-Rex Travel, we are committed to protecting your privacy. The information you provide is only used to secure your service booked. The contact information you provide when booking, might be used to contact you if there is any problem with your service. In the future, your email address might be used to inform you of special offers and promotions that we believe you will find interesting, and the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list will always be provided. T-Rex Travel will never sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. However, we may act as an intermediary by forwarding email offers from third parties. We work with Google Analytics to obtain audience data such as age, gender, and interests in order to understand and attempt to predict the behavior of our website users and customers.

We use user identifiers (better known as cookies) on our website to collect information on the website performance, and such information is solely used to assist us in improving our marketing campaigns; the personal details of the Internet user are not included in this data capture. We refute all liability regarding the content or conditions of any linked or affiliated website as other internet sites accessed through/used to access our website may have different confidentiality conditions from those of our company.

Any modifications to our company’s policies will be reflected in these Terms.